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Seattle Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Compared to other areas of the United States, Seattle is a relatively pedestrian-friendly city, with networks of sidewalks, crosswalks, and walking paths. However, pedestrians in the city still face significant risks. Busy intersections and high-traffic areas can quickly become hazardous zones where walkers find themselves vulnerable to serious accidents.

At Malcolm Law Firm, we understand the challenges that come with pedestrian accidents and are committed to supporting those affected. If you have been hit by a negligent driver while walking in Seattle, our Seattle pedestrian accident attorneys can guide you through the legal process with compassion and expertise.

Why Choose Malcolm Law Firm for Your Pedestrian Accident?

  • With over 15 years of legal experience, our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of the injured. We will not rest until you secure fair compensation.
  • We know how painful the aftermath of a pedestrian accident can be. Our lawyers will handle every aspect of your case so that you can focus on healing and recovery.
  • Our trial attorneys are not afraid to take your case to trial if necessary to secure the settlement that you deserve.

Who Is Liable for a Pedestrian Accident in Seattle?

Washington follows a fault-based standard for road accidents. As a pedestrian, you have the legal right to pursue compensation from the party responsible for causing your injuries. This often involves the at-fault driver whose negligence may have led to the accident.

However, liability can also extend to a vehicle or parts manufacturer if a defect contributed to the accident, or even to a government agency if improper road design or poor maintenance played a role. A Seattle personal injury lawyer from Malcolm Law Firm can help you identify the liable party and take the appropriate course of action to recover your rightful compensation.

How a Seattle Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights

When you’re injured as a pedestrian, your case demands a specialized approach that considers the unique challenges you face. At Malcolm Law Firm, our Seattle pedestrian accident attorneys hold deep expertise and knowledge that we can leverage to fight for your rights and secure a fair settlement in your case.

Here are some of the ways that our Seattle pedestrian accident lawyers can help:

  • Clarifying Disputed Liability: We challenge any disputes to liability, ensuring that the facts demonstrate where the fault lies. This is crucial in cases where the blame may be unfairly shifted to the pedestrian.
  • Compassionate Support for Serious Injuries: Pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries. Our Seattle pedestrian accident lawyers provide compassionate support throughout your recovery process, ensuring that all legal matters are handled while you focus on healing.
  • Enlisting Expert Witnesses: Pedestrian accident cases often involve complex dynamics, such as speed, right of way, and visibility. We engage traffic specialists, medical professionals, and accident reconstruction experts to build a compelling, evidence-backed case.
  • Maximizing Compensation: We rigorously assess all potential damages—from immediate medical costs to long-term care needs, loss of quality of life, and emotional distress—to accurately calculate your settlement. Our Seattle pedestrian accident lawyers leverage this information to fight for the highest possible compensation in your case.

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If you or a loved one has been involved in a pedestrian accident in Seattle, you deserve fair and full compensation. Malcolm Law Firm assists injured pedestrians in their pursuit of justice, holding negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

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